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A Julliard School graduate, Elizabeth Reaser has quickly emerged as one of the most promising actresses in Hollywood. In October 2004, Interview magazine hailed her as one of the “14 To Be” emerging creative women. In 2006, she starred in the romantic comedy Puccini for Beginners, directed and written by Maria Maggenti. In 2007, Reaser was nominated for an Independent Spirit Award as “Best Female Lead” for her work in the film Sweet Land. That same year, she appeared on Grey’s Anatomy in a recurring guest role as an unidentified pregnant woman suffering from amnesia after being severely injured in a ferry accident. This portrayal earned her a nomination for an Emmy Award.

Reaser was the lead on CBS’ The Ex List, playing a woman who must explore all of her past relationships after a psychic tells her she has already dated her future husband. She can be seen in Catherine Hardwicke’s much anticipated film, Twilight, based on the #1 Best Selling New York Times series by Stephanie Meyer. This is a news community dedicated to her.

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